Krakakoa breaks boundaries. We create an unexpected but very much needed fusion between farmer empowerment and high quality cacao. Since we started back in 2013, we have always been driven in boosting Indonesia and making people happy. Our commitment towards giving our customers a taste of the goodness of the archipelago is what keeps us apart. Discover more about our people and the products and see how you can be a part of this transforming experience.

How did it get started?

We are a young and fresh brand that started in 2013 in Lampung, Sumatra. From the very start, we were driven on improving the lives of the people at the bottom of the pyramid while preserving the world’s biodiversity. It was an ambitious goal but from that point on, we have never stopped in doing our best to achieve it.
We started off with the name ‘Kakoa’ which eventually emerged as Krakakoa as we matched our company’s roots in Lampung with a play on the historic volcano Krakatoa which is located over there.

From the get go, our Krakakoa mission already shows how passionate we are in helping out. We aim to improve the livelihood of Indonesian cocoa farmers and increase the environmental sustainability and improve the land use in growing areas of Indonesia. We also want to increase the profile of Indonesian cocoa and chocolate while contributing to the economic development of the country. We do this not for attention and fame but because we know it is what the country and the cacao industry needs to succeed.

With so much plans and projects that we are creating and ready to share, there are exciting expansions that we are ready to take. The opportunities are right here and we’re ready to welcome you into our family and grow with us in our purposeful journey.

Why work for us?

Krakakoa’s journey has been a fulfilling and challenging one. As we emerge in becoming more global, we are always welcoming a variety of talent into our extended family.
With our continuing progress, the markets offer new challenges that also mean amazing opportunities for career development. Once you become a part of the Krakakoa team, we will always have your back. Here are our convictions that we make sure to live by:

We reach for extraordinary performance
• We set ambitious goals and we work hard and smart to achieve them
• We make brave decisions
• We take pride in our work, and demand high quality results from ourselves and our colleagues
• We continuously try to improve, and pursue opportunities to develop our skills
• We are adaptable and determined in the face of challenges and look for creative and new ways to tackle obstacles
• We are accountable and take responsibility for our actions

We work to make the world a better place
• We work with people at the base of the pyramid and provide them with access to opportunities to improve their lives and their communities
• We ensure that economic development is consistent with environmental sustainability
• We contribute the development of Indonesia by maximizing economic value creation in the country

At Krakakoa, we are very driven in our advocacy and we are proud of our products and the process it took to reach this point so with every new member, we offer them the opportunity to learn about the story and what makes the brand special and successful.

Working for Krakakoa...

At Krakakoa, we want all of our employees to feel valuable in every part of the process from the moment you join. With this, we provide a variety of ways into letting you into the team to see how we work and how you can become a part of it.With great pride, we are expanding and are continuously growing as a brand. Despite this, our values are unwavering and keep us going as a sustainable and ethical brand.

We are focused on the people.
• We treat our partners and our colleagues with respect, kindness and fairness
• We encourage and nurture individual passions and talents
• We embrace diversity and value and respect individual perspectives
• We look after the overall well-being of ourselves and our colleagues, and ensure work-life balance
• We create an enjoyable and fun workplace

Join us today!

Here at Krakakoa, we are always on the lookout for fresh and motivated people to come and join our team!
You can look through our available positions and if the position you prefer isn’t there, feel free to send us an open application.
Discover a variety of unique opportunities along with a sense of purpose rooted in the heart of each of our products.

If you’re ready to become a pioneer and come with us in our pursuit to change the world,apply now and become a part of our passionate team today!