Upon completion of the judging session at the 2017 Academy of Chocolate (AOC) Awards in the United Kingdom, chocolate connoisseurs in Indonesia have now another reason to be proud of the cocoa grown on the fertile soils of this archipelago: a Lampung-based chocolate maker has garnered multiple awards in arguably the world’s most prestigious chocolate awards competition.

Krakakoa has won a total of six medals, making them the first Indonesian chocolate maker to win any award at this reputable annual competition. For packaging category, Krakakoa Limited Edition Single Origin Gift set has achieved the Silver Award. For Tree to Bar category, Krakakoa 75% Single Origin Saludengen and Krakakoa 70% Single Origin Sedayu have successfully claimed the Silver and Bronze Award respectively. Both Krakakoa Dark Milk Chocolate Ginger and Krakakoa Dark Milk Chocolate Creamy Coffee bagged Bronze Award in Flavoured Milk Chocolate Bar category. For Flavoured Dark Chocolate Bar, Krakakoa Dark Chocolate Sea Salt & Pepper gained the Bronze Award.

The Academy of Chocolate is an independent panel of Britain’s leading chocolate professionals founded in 2005. Their mission is to improve the standard and knowledge of chocolate by promoting awareness of the difference between fine chocolate and mass-produced chocolate confectionery. The group is a proponent of recognizing companies that produce chocolate made from the finest cocoa beans and believes in transparent and fair sourcing of cocoa beans in an industry plagued by child labor, price fixing, and low-quality yields. The Academy has convened annually since 2008 to award gold, silver, and bronze medals to chocolate producers in multiple categories, including chocolate Bars, Spreads, Drinking Chocolate, Packaging, and more.