Krakakoa Hampers Lebaran - Medium

Rp 500.000

Getting ready for Lebaran is like: Finding the perfect gift? Look no further!

Introducing our Lebaran Hampers filled with chocolates so good, you’ll want to keep them all for yourself. Pre-order now and elevate your Ramadan (and sugar) game to a whole new level! Trust us, Eid Al Fitr just got a whole lot sweeter.

Hampers Lebaran - Medium

  • Flavour bar Chilli 1pc
  • Flavour bar Salt & Pepper 1 pc
  • Flavour bar Creamy Coffee 1 pc
  • Arenga milk 45% 1pc
  • Arenga Dark 70% 1pc
  • Bark Foccacia 100gr 1pc
  • Bark Baguette 100gr 1pc
  • Blinkies 1pc
  • Seed & berries cluster 1pc

Ramadan Kareem!

*Please note this item is available with a 5-day pre-order system.

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