Yohans Gozal: The Story of Kilo Bali and Krakakoa

A moment with Chef Yohans Gozal of Kilo Bali

The month of November brings with it an exciting collaboration between Kilo Bali and Krakakoa. Since opening its doors in September 2014, Kilo Bali has been treating guests to a range of special dishes created with local ingredients and produce.

The restaurant, situation in Seminyak’s bustling Jalan Drupadi, aims to create experiences that captivate the diner’s imagination and palate. Today, we take a moment with Chef have Yohans Gozal who is a chef from Kilo Bali to learn about here with us to share his creative process, and his thoughts on their ongoing exciting collaboration with Krakakoa and everything else in between.

What sets Kilo Bali apart from other restaurants?

Kilo is unique in a way that our food, service and venue has our own identity and I can say there isn’t just anything like us around. Our only way you can experience Kilo is by going to out other Kilo establishments and concepts in Singapore, and soon Jakarta. Don’t tell anyone yet.

What has been your favorite thing to create and what’s the story behind it?

It’s not necessarily a dish, but Andaliman Pepper is currently my favorite ingredient to work with. The complexity of flavors on that thing is mind blowing. I was introduced to this spice during my first ever trip to Medan, Sumatra earlier this year. I made a Ceviche dish with it once for a special event in Singapore and I am very pleased with the result. Maybe Krakakoa can actually try using this spice for their next creation for a totally uniquely Indonesian chocolate.

What is your creative process in creating the items on the menu?

Usually I like to come up with the flavor combination first that I think will do well together and from there I decide how to present that flavor combination on a plate in a single dish. I draw my inspiration mostly from memories and notes I made during my travel and food I ate in the past.

What brought upon your collaboration with Krakakoa?

I pass by Krakakoa’s new shop in Seminyak everyday on my way to work. That’s direct marketing on a daily basis but I was really sold when Sabrina Mustopo let me sample the chocolate and told me about her mission with Krakakoa.


How did this menu come into fruition? What was your inspiration in creating it?

For the longest time, I have been wanting to do a dessert that highlights the most popular flavor combo for Indonesians when it comes to dessert. Chocolate, banana and peanut is in every imaginable form and application in many of the dishes here since it’s such a crowd pleaser so this is kind of a tribute to that.

Can you please elaborate on each item on the collaboration?

We have in total two desserts and four beverages made with different Krakakoa Chocolates for this collab. All of these are inspired by classic flavor combinations that pair well with chocolate and of course with Kilo’s own spin to it.

What is your impression of Krakakoa chocolate?

Its award winning chocolate that’s locally produced and owned, for a good cause and tastes actually awesome, enough said!


Lastly, what are your tips to any aspiring chefs looking to create their own menus in the future?

Eat food, read food and travel food!


Check out the exclusive collaboration at Kilo Bali’s branch and get a taste of the proud fusion of great food and amazing chocolate sure to leave you coming back for more!