Trans Resort Bali Workshop

On September 10, things at the Trans Resort Bali in Seminyak became just a bit more delicious. Krakakoa conducted a chocolate tasting and making workshop, and invited participants to spend the day learning just a little more about why we do what we do.

Guests of all ages were given a 2-hour  course that consisted of an introduction to the Krakakoa mission and the impact it continues to have on our partner farmers, followed by a sneak peek into our chocolate making process. Guests then sampled bars from the Arenga Classic and Flavours of the Archipelago ranges, exploring the plethora of flavor notes and aromas unique to each bar.

The sampling session was a whirlwind flavor and olfactory tour of Indonesia, giving guests the opportunity to experience the distinct flavors of bars made with cocoa beans sourced from all across the archipelago. Unsurprisingly, most had a difficult time trying to pin down a favorite.

Executive Chef Allen Stevano from Trans Resort Balihad this to say about the tour experience: “Krakakoa is a passionate chocolate company that educate chocolate farmers as their mission to have a quality produce. [The] farm to table fun activity not just allows you to create your own chocolate masterpiece, but also educates you on all stages in the cocoa process until finished product.”

The day ended with guests spending a little time as chocolatiers, making their very own chocolate barks. If you’re in Bali and are interested in taking part in tours where you get a glimpse of life at a chocolate factory, follow our Instagram for future events. See you soon!