Gifting the Goodness of the Archipelago

This season of anticipation for the warmth of togetherness that comes with Idul Fitri is one that celebrates the previous month of fasting, a physical and spiritual act that calls for introspection, empathy, and service. The inevitable reunions with family and friends also come with them an exchange of stories, gifts, and food. If you’re short on ideas on what to gift family at upcoming reunions, why not say it with chocolate?

Krakakoa chocolates are gifts with true meaning. The tenets that make up the core of fasting month are also the same ones that Krakakoa was founded for: we strive to serve those in need, with a focus on improving the well-being of Indonesian cocoa farmers who have suffered decades of inconsistent harvests and low income. Through the provision of tools and education to produce higher-quality cocoa, Krakakoa has consistently been purchasing cocoa from partner farmers at up to triple the Fairtrade purchase price; this, in turn, means that our partner farmers have been able to better provide for their families.

Krakakoa’s continuing disruption of the chocolate supply chain is one that will continue to reap rewards for not just farmers and their families, but their communities and environment as well: we educate our partner farmers in organic, eco-friendly, and sustainable farming methods, for cocoa trees that do not compromise the health and biodiversity of the tropical forests.

High-quality cocoa makes for delicious chocolate, which is why Krakakoa remains the only Indonesian chocolate maker to win multiple awards from the prestigious Academy of Chocolate. The impact that partnership with Krakakoa has with our partner farmers is tangible, in the most literal sense possible. Not only will your loved ones have a sweet treat to look forward to, but you’ll also be party to the continuing education and improved welfare of farmers in Indonesia. Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri!