Krakakoa Celebrates 74 Years of Indonesian Pride

In the run-up to Indonesia’s 74th Independence Day, we dive into what it means to embody the Indonesian spirit and how a chocolate company celebrates the finest things of Indonesia


Krakakoa was founded in 2014 with a mission to empower Indonesian farmers so that they can make a better living for themselves and their families. In the midst of our journey to do so, we have perfected our chocolates to include exquisite award-winning bars and mouth-watering chocolate snacks.

Krakakoa products and achievements would not have been possible without the training and hard work that goes into our main ingredient: high quality Indonesian cocoa beans. But what else goes into a great bar of chocolate?

Pride in the Indonesian people, culture, and nature is hard-wired into the Krakakoa mission, and absolutely inseparable from our vision. In our Bangga _______ Indonesia campaign, we take a minute to recognize and celebrate the many elements of Indonesia that have inspired us; our work at the farms, the factory, and even at headquarters was fueled by Krakakoa’s pride in Indonesia’s warm people, fertile soil, rich nature and colorful cultures.

Through this series of videos, witness the attention and dedication that goes into the making of a single bar of Krakakoa: from the sustainable production practices of growing cocoa beans that benefit both farmers and the planet, to the thoughtful and intricate design of our packaging that celebrate Indonesian culture, each element of the product and production process has been created with love and pride for Indonesia in mind.

The video series presents a journey across the rich Indonesian landscape, and features real partner farmers and employees. Part of our responsibility to those who enjoy our products is transparency, which is why we want to share a glimpse of our 1,000-strong partner farmers in Sumatra, Bali, and Sulawesi, who produce the finest cocoa beans that go into more than 30 Krakakoa products.

At Krakakoa, we are proud to become part of an Indonesian legacy that encapsulates its geography, agriculture, people and culture. Without these components, our award-winning chocolates would not be the same. Thank you for your support this far in our journey, and we hope you continue to be part of our story for years to come. Dirgahayu Indonesia!