Following its Bali store debut in Seminyak last year, Krakakoa, the artisanal chocolate brand from Lampung, has recently opened its second store in the heart of Ubud. The minimalist yet colourful shop displays the full range of Krakakoa’s award-winning cocoa products that proudly represent farmers empowerment, sustainability and world-class quality. Chocolate bars, barks and cacao nibs are among the delicacies available in the store, which is conveniently located just steps away from the famous Monkey Forest.

Those colourful wrappers that pop out on the shelves might grab passersby’s attention, but the boutique chocolate shop is much more than that. After hours of walking around downtown Ubud, visitors can cool down with Krakakoa’s signature Frozen Hot Chocolate, the perfect twist on the classic hot chocolate for Bali weather. The store is also stocked with chocolate-based desserts like brownies, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cheesecake, all freshly made daily. Get your morning caffeine fix or afternoon pick-me-up from the coffee bar available on site, offering the best of Indonesian specialty beans.

If you’ve ever wondered about the journey behind your favourite chocolate bar, Krakakoa invites customers to join its educational activities in and outside the store. Separated by a glass window, an adjoining room in the shop presents a mini factory where you can take a peek at how chocolate is made from bean to bar. For those in Ubud who wish to have a more hands on experience, the company can arrange interactive chocolate making workshops upon request.


Open :

  • 10 AM - 10 PM

  • Ubud’s Chocolate Factory & Store Jl. Monkey Forest No. 88, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali 80571