Welcome to the New Krakakoa

As of October 1, 2016, Kakoa evolved into something a little bigger and bolder: with a new surge of commitment to bringing you the best cacao from the Indonesian archipelago, we have rebranded ourselves as Krakakoa.

The rollout of the new name, packaging, and products took place at Central Jakarta’s Por Que No restaurant, where we celebrated with our friends who worked in everything from media to VCs and restaurants to coworking spaces. It was wonderful to be packed in a small room with people who truly appreciate good chocolate — if you missed out, don’t worry! We plan on holding more meet-ups in the near future.

So besides the name change, what else is new?


Our signature batik-inspired prints have been updated with fresher, bolder colours.



New Flavour

We had to bid a fond farewell to our 70% Dark and Salted Cashew & Coconut chocolate bars, but that was only to make room for a brand new dark milk chocolate with Ginger. The Ginger bar adds a new dimension to our family of chocolates made with Indonesian spices.

New Range

The year-long work of partnering closely with cacao farmers on four different Indonesian islands has culminated in the Single Origins Series. Each decadent dark chocolate bar is made from cacao beans harvested on a single estate on each island, and then lovingly fermented and roasted to best ring out the unique flavours and aromas within.

We’ll have more info on the release of this range in a future blog post, but here’s a special sneak peek at them:


Here are some more photos of the revelry from the night. Watch this space for the full recipe of the dessert dish made exclusively for the event by pastry chef Talita Setyadi!