Krakakoa Cafe x Patricia Thebez present "Journey To Suwarnadwipa"

Through this workshop, you’re about to unlock the secrets of one of Indonesia’s cultures and the magic behind Krakakoa chocolates.

This experience will be guided by Patricia Thebez, an Indonesian artist who channels freedom through watercolors and abstract art. Explore inner emotions, identity, and human connections in her captivating paintings.

By weaving together the elements of chocolate, sensory experiences, reflection, and art, participants will have a meaningful and memorable journey discovering Indonesia’s hidden treasures. This exclusive workshop is designed for art and culture enthusiasts.

Join us for an inspiring workshop!

Journey To Suwarnadwipa with Patricia Thebez at Krakakoa Cafe Kerobokan Bali
Journey To Suwarnadwipa

A Creative Exploration of Indonesia's Enchanting Treasure with Patricia Thebez

Date & Time

21 Sep 2023

01:00 PM - 02:30 PM


Krakakoa Chocolate Cafe & Factory

Jl. Mertanadi no. 70 Kerobokan


IDR 400,000++

including a plate of assorted cakes: Seasalt Gianduja, Chocolate Madeleine, Choux,and Meringue. Paired with Coffee/Iced Chocolate and art material.

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